Metropolitan teachers are committed to instilling a love of learning within students with the aim of inspiring every student to reach their full potential. Metropolitan expects teachers to have:

Strong academic backgrounds related to their field of specialization, with preference given to graduates of North American accredited colleges and universities.
Teaching credentials relevant to their field specialization, with preference given to U.S. teacher certification.
Teaching experience commensurate to their teaching assignment, with preference given to teachers with two or more years of experience.

Commitment to ongoing professional development.
Willingness to actively support and be involved in co-curricular activities.

Allison Moreu
Classroom Teacher

Mrs. Allison Moreu joins us from New York City, U.S.A, where she has taught elementary school students. She has spent the majority of years teaching internationally in China and India. Mrs. Moreu holds a B.A in Elementary Education and an M.A in Education. She tells us her passion for teaching “is inspiring and motivating my students to be the best that they can be as global citizens and advocates for our planet.” Mrs. Moreu brings with her the elements of innovation and creativity. She enjoys traveling and spending quality time with family & friends.


Alaa Mohamed Yousry
French Teacher

Alaa graduated from the Faculty of Arts ( French department ) at the University of Ain Shams. She has 6 years of experience in the teaching field in international schools.


Ali Shaheen
Physical Education Teacher

Ali has 9 years of experience teaching in different international schools. along with 13 years of experience. Swimming judge in the Egyptian swimming federation.

He loves traveling and sightseeing.

Amira Youssef Attia 
Christian Religion teacher 

Graduated from Home economics Helwan University, She has 15 years of experience in national and international schools and 5 years in international schools. currently, she is taking an education teaching diploma From Ain Shams University. She took courses in International Computer Driving License – ICDL and liturgy. Her Hobbies are Traveling, crocheting, and swimming

Amr Attyia
Arabic Teacher


Assma Yasser 
Arabic Teacher

Graduated from the Faculty of Arts (Arabic department) at the University of Ain Shams. She has 15 years of experience in the teaching field in international schools. She has Masters in Psychological Counseling. She holds training courses in modern strategies in education and dealing with children

Charneata Herron
Classroom Teacher

Charneata finished her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education at Morris Brown College in  Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Following this, she obtained a Master of Education degree in Education at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA…

She has extensive experience teaching core academic skills which include Math, Science, English Language Arts as well as Humanities to American students in grades Kindergarten through Second grade.

Her main hobbies are reading and traveling. She also enjoys spending time with family and exercising.


Dalia William 
Math Teacher

Dalia finished her Bachelor’s degree in the Fine Arts-Architecture department, Class of 2012.

To follow her passion for teaching Mathematics, she completed the Professional Educator Diploma for teaching Early Years Learners (CELE) from the American University in Cairo; which assists in understanding and fostering the development of early learning skills in young children, in the classroom, at home, and within the community.

Her love for Math is hereditary across 3 generations. She has extensive experience in teaching Math for different elementary stages for more than 5 years. She serves as a facilitator of learning, providing students with the knowledge and tools to solve problems and then encouraging students to be autonomous learners. Students learn in different ways, so she keeps up with the best practices for differentiation. Dalia regularly incorporates them into her instruction to support all of her students in learning. She also understands there may be multiple ways to solve problems and uses those alternate strategies to help struggling students grasp difficult concepts.

Her main hobbies are jewelry design, crochet & singing. She also enjoys a variety of cultural activities such as attending plays, attending live musical performances, and visiting historical museums.

Deena Anwar
Head of Math deaprertment 

Deena Anwar is a graduate of Ain Shams University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Mathematics.

During her 12 years of teaching, Deena has gained experience and official certification in some of the most innovative and advanced teaching styles available in mainstream education, such as the IB (IB category 1, and 2) and Montessori systems (Certified Montessori teacher), in addition to delivering mathematics within the American system. With her extensive experience through elementary and middle school, she can bring a broad range of approaches to help her students achieve their potential in mathematics.

As a lifelong learner and 21st-century teacher, Deena continues to explore different aspects of education. She has attended courses in training peers (Pearson Certified Trainer), digital instruction for students using the Nearpod platform (Nearpod Certified Educator), and creating digital student portfolios, with Seesaw (Seesaw Ambassador).

Diallo Djalikatou 
French Teacher

Diallo started her teaching experience in early childhood in 2010. she has enjoyed getting to know different cultures and people from around the world during my time in Egypt. she worked before in several NGOs for women and children of Africa, in Guinea Conakry (West Africa) where she is from. Diallo is certified in computer science and languages.
she is very excited to be a part of the team and community at Metropolitan school, Diallo is looking forward to another extraordinary year.

Eman ElSayed
Arabic Teacher

Eman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education (KG) from Helwan University, in 2003. She has 15 years of teaching experience.

Besides, Eman has taken professional courses in teaching methods for early childhood. She is always eager to increase her knowledge in education, and psychology.

Her main hobbies are reading and traveling.

Eman Magdy
Arabic Teacher

Eman Magdy Taha Ahmed Arabic Teacher. Eman has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Literature from Ain Shams University Class of 2012, She holds an Early Years Childhood Diploma from Cairo University. Eman has 8 years of experience in International Schools.

Engy Yousry 
Arabic Teacher

Engy graduated from the faculty of Education, in 2000. She has 12 years of teaching experience. Engy took professional courses in the teaching methods from Ain-Shams University, and also a course in teaching non-Arab students from Al-Azhar university. she has 6 years of experience in international schools, in addition to 2 years teaching AFL students in the United Arab Of Emirates.

Fady William
Science Teacher

Fady finished his Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Misr International University in 2013. Fady started working in teaching after graduation. He has seven years of experience in other international schools. His main experience is in high and middle school, he loves building good and healthy relations with his students. Fady enjoys teaching chemistry and biology the most. He believes that science is in everything around us, Science is Life. He is looking forward to taking a Teaching Diploma from the American University.
During his free time, Fady loves traveling to new places inside and outside of Egypt, also cooking is his passion, and love watching soccer games and playing sports.

Farah Aboul-Atta
PE Teacher

Farah was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. She has a double major in marketing and innovation technology from The German University in Cairo, and currently working on getting her sports psychology degree. Farah is a professional Basketball player at Gezira Sporting Club and coaches in a private basketball academy. She started her teaching career back in the academic year 2017/2018 at the physical education department teaching early years, elementary and high school. Farah chose this career because she’s passionate about sports.

Her main and favorite hobbies are playing any kind of sport specially basketball, padel tennis and volleyball. She also enjoys traveling and exploring new places and cities.

Farah Atef
Art Teacher

Farah joined Metropolitan School in 2018. She is a dedicated educator with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Digital Arts and Design. Farah also has a post-graduate TEFL/TESOL Certification and is currently obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education from the American University in Cairo. Farah has a passion for animals, photography, swimming, and art. She lives off her morning cup of coffee, takes strolls with her dogs every afternoon, and enjoys dancing around with her 3-year old daughter at any chance she gets.

Fatma Abdelkawy
Arabic Teacher

Fatma earned her Bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Islamic studies From Al-Azhar University in Cairo, in addition to holding the Career certificate of teaching Arabic as a foreign language (CCTAFL)  from the American University in Cairo.

She has wide experience in teaching Arabic in her early years in international schools of Egypt, additionally, she worked as a proofreading freelancer to a number of projects on their way to being published.

Her interests include listening to music, watching sports, and writing.

Haidy Isaac
French Head of Department

Haidy is the Head of the French department and High School teacher, she has finished her BA from Faculty of Arts (French Department) at Cairo University, and her Diploma in Education. She is a certified educator by Microsoft for Technology Literacy for educators-21st-century learning, She comes from 18 years of experience in Teaching the French Language, Delf and 5 years of experience as a HOD.

Her main hobbies are traveling and bike riding, and she also enjoys outdoor activities.

Hanan Shoukry
Head of Math department 

Hanan graduated from Cairo Unveracity, Faculty of Economics & Political Science. holds a Batchelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics. During her 16 years of teaching, she has gained passion and developed extended experience in teaching mathematics in elementary and middle schools within the American educational system.

Hanan’s objective is to help learners develop their mantel math and problem-solving skills, to apply what they learn in class in their daily activities, and finally to stimulate their passion for learning to help them reach their maximum potential. she is very excited to be a part of the team and community at Metropolitan school, and she is looking forward to an extraordinary fruitful year.

Hanan enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, and listening to music.

Ines Nouicer
French teacher

Ms. Ines is a product of the French education system. Born and raised in Tunisia, she always had an eye to being an elementary school teacher. She received her teaching qualification in Tunisia at Bourguiba Institute of Modern Languages Tunis, and she obtained a bachelor’s degree at the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis in Early Childhood Education as well as Child Psychology. she worked in elementary schools in Tunis teaching Math and French for 4 years and in the last 7 years, she specialized in teaching the French Language In Egypt.

Jesus Madrigal
Music Teacher

Jesus is visiting from Fort Worth, Tx. He is very excited about the opportunity to work in the Metropolitan music department alongside Ms. Eman, Ms. Vivijan, and all the wonderful students he has met so far.
Having played music throughout his middle school, high school, and college career, Jesus is extremely knowledgeable on music theory, a variety of instruments (trumpet, guitar, and vocal performance), and most importantly how to make music fun. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and love for music and hopes to be a great asset to what is already a fantastic Met Staff

Jihane Shaarawy
Social Counselor

Jihane holds a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Cairo University. She has over 10 years of experience in the educational field. She taught in different schools in Egypt, national, international/American. Jihane started her career as a Science Teacher and taught lower elementary students first moving to middle school and up to high school students as well. Following this, Jihane became a Science H.O.D.

Because of her passion for dealing with children, she shifted her career to become a School Counselor. She enjoys her role in encouraging all children to strive for their personal best. Jihane loves helping students to develop their academic and social skills to succeed in school.


Karim Moftah
Classroom Teacher

Karim Moftah knows that successful students become successful adults. This is his 6th year teaching abroad from his hometown of Toronto, Canada. As a former member of the Canadian army cadets, he believes in hard work and dedication and that every individual is capable of great achievements. Karim obtained his education at the University of Windsor and has multiple certifications in teaching English, Marketing, and neuropsychology.

Karim is very excited and happy to be teaching in Egypt

Karim Sultan
Arabic Teacher

Karim is graduated from the faculty of Arts Cairo University with 14 years experience of working in international schools.

he earned his post-education studies)Masters) from Cairo University.

Karim also cares to use interactive learning through innovative lesson planning. I effectively work with parents and care to apply differentiated learning standards. I care for being creative in my lessons

his hobbies are playing soccer, chess, and traveling

Karen Moreno
PE HOD/Teacher

Karen Finished her BA in physical education, sports, and recreation at the Metropolitan Educational Sciences University in Santiago, Chile.

Following this, she obtained a Diploma at Human Wellbeing and Heath from the same university. Has over 15 years of experience in different educational programs, including IB. Her main focus has been to help developing P.E programmes that include Early Childhood stages and support the base contents of physical activity throughout the school as teacher and HOD in international schools in South America.

She enjoys travelling and photography, any outdoor activity. Also has a calm side that enjoys knitting and sawing when the weather gets colder.


Kay Tinsley
Classroom Teacher

Kay has a BA (hons) degree in Childhood and Youth Studies as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Sunderland University in the UK. Kay has been living and teaching in Egypt for the past 14 years. At her previous school, she was head of the Early Years Foundation Stage for 8 years as well as teaching full-time, so she has a lot of experience working with and teaching young children.

In her spare time, Kay loves taking her 2 dogs to the beach. She enjoys traveling to different parts of the world, trying new foods, socializing and reading. She also promises to learn Arabic one day.

Kristle Morris
Classroom Teacher

Ms. Kristle is originally from Moore, Oklahoma where she grew up, and attended grade school through high school. She chose to attend the University of Central Oklahoma and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, with a minor in Creative Studies.
This is Kristle’s sixth year teaching and her first year abroad. During these six years as an educator, she has attended several professional development training in US History to further her education. Teaching in Oklahoma has allowed her to take several students on summer trips to Washington, DC as well as Virginia.
Ms. Kristle is currently working on her Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
She is looking forward to all of the new adventures that living in Egypt will offer. She loves learning about new places as well as the history Egypt has to offer.

Kristie Weber
Classroom Teacher

Kristie was born in Houston, Texas, but grew up in the Louisville, Kentucky area of the United States. She obtained a Bachelor of Education, Associate of Early Childhood Education, and a Kindergarten Endorsement from the University of Southern Indiana in 2003. Later, she obtained a Master of Education from Indiana Wesleyan and went onto getting 30 more hours in Education at the same University. She completed her TEFL certification in 2018.

Kristie started her teaching career in 2004 as a Kindergarten teacher for 4 years and then taught First Grade for 10 years. She started teaching internationally in 2018 at a bilingual school in Kuwait.

Kristie loves learning about the diversity of cultures in the world through teaching, friends, and traveling. She is very passionate about education and is excited to be a part of the Met Team.

Lina Anwar 
Math Teacher

Lina finished her BA in Accounting at the British University in Egypt. Following this she obtained an online Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at Liverpool John Mores University, United Kingdom; and currently working on her MA in Education.

She has four years of experience teaching Math in American Schools in Saudi Arabia to elementary stage (Grade 3 & 4).

Her main hobby is travelling; and she enjoys shopping, planning for events, and spending time with family and friends.

Mai Walid 
Math Teacher

Mai finished her BSE in Biomedical Engineering, Cairo, Egypt.

Following this, she obtained Psychological Health, Philadelphia International University, and Educational Skills Diploma, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

 She has extensive experience teaching Math in both Elementary and Middle school stages.

Her main hobbies are reading, baking, swimming, and horse riding, She also enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and walking her dog.

Manel Namouchi
French Teacher

Namouchi is Tunisian, certified by the Higher Institute of Technological Studies in Communications of Tunis as a telecommunication engineer. Namouchi has 6 years of teaching experience in international schools. she’s certified in ‘Teaching French as a Foreign Language ‘ from ” CAVILAM – Alliance Française ” and ‘’the French institute’’. she’s also certified by‘’ the French cultural Center’’ for teaching DELF in schools. she is doing her Micro Master in “Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement” from the ‘’University of Michigan’’.

Manal El Diwany
School Librarian

Manal finished her Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature in 2008. Manal has more than 10 years of experience in kindergarten and elementary education. She finished her Professional Teaching Certification accredited from NWAC, and MEANS, USA. Following this, she obtained her Intensive Nursery Teaching Training and she is certified to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
Manal has a passion for reading and has always been interested in exploring various genres in literature. Her main hobbies include playing guitar, reading, drawing, playing volleyball, going to concerts and astrology reading.

Maro Maximous
Math Teacher

Maro finished her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in the faculty of commerce (English section) at Ain shams University in 2011. She worked as an accountant for 1 year then moved to her passion which is teaching.

Following this, she obtained a professional educational diploma PED for teaching early years learners at the American University in Cairo in May 2020 as well as several workshops and training in teaching strategies and classroom management.

Maro had 9 years of experience in teaching Math from pre-k up to Grade 3.

Her main hobbies are traveling, watching movies, listening to music, and painting.

Marina Raoof Basta
Met Biz Teacher

Marina is graduated from Business Information System with a Bachelor’s degree.
She has 5 years of experience in the teaching field in an International school.
Her passion is dealing with kids and seeing them grow not just physically but also in their personalities.
She loves doing crafts, listening to music, and reading.


Marwa Bakry
Classroom Teacher & Creative Curriculum Coordinator

Marwa is a passionate educator with 12 years of experience in early childhood education. She joined Met school in 2017 as Pre-K Homeroom Teacher after her 7 years as H.O.D. at previous Pre-schools.

Marwa had her BA in English Language and Arts from Cairo University in 2007. She followed that with post-graduate TESOL certification from Notting Hill College-UK, and a Professional Certified Trainer certification from A.U.C.

Marwa is working now on her diploma in Educational Leadership and Management from Notting Hill College, UK.

Marwa is a mom of 2 pre-teenagers and 3 fur babies. In her free time, she likes to read, study, and visit new countries.

Melissa ElKatib
Classroom Teacher

Melissa had earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Redlands in California and subsequently her teaching credential from Texas Education Agency. She had the opportunity to teach multiple grade levels for more than 12 years in many locations including California, Texas, Dubai, Kuwait, and Egypt.

Mick Huiet
Classroom Teacher

Mick graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a BA in Human Geography and Elementary Education. He continued his studies at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley where he earned his MA in Special Education: Teaching the Gifted and Talented. Mick furthered his learning by earning a Certificate of Educational Technology and Informational Literacy from the State University of New York in Buffalo. He is certified in the IB/PYP elementary areas and Exhibition. Mick has extensive training in using the Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop from TCRWP and is a Google Certified Educator. He is entering his 29th year of teaching. He has taught in Colorado, USA, twice in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, and now Egypt. When not teaching or learning, Mick loves to read, travel, fish, golf, cook, listen to and play music, birding recently, and above all, getting lost in and enjoy the city in which he is living.

Michael Gibney
Head of ELA

Michael is an Old Boy/Ex-student from William Shakespeare’s School in Stratford Upon Avon (KES) in the UK and studied his BA in International Relations and Politics at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, working with UK senior school mentoring programs in inner-city schools and TESOL programs with international students throughout his degree in Nottingham. He studied his teaching certificate at Trinity College, London (UK) and completed his Master’s in Education at the University of the People (USA), and is presently looking at starting an online PhD.

Michael has worked in international private education in Chile, Peru, China, and the Czech Republic and also worked in the educative system in the UK. Michael has also worked with a number of foundations helping to deliver English and sports to vulnerable young people.

Michael is a keen sportsperson, supporting Liverpool FC. He enjoys playing and coaching field hockey and playing a bit of rugby when possible

Mona ElTiliawi
Science Teacher

Mona was born and raised in Sweden until the age of 10. She moved to Egypt and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Arab Open University, which gave her time to follow her passion for teaching young students.

Mona started teaching at the age of 17 and her love of teaching grew and grew. to further follow her passion and support it with proper studies, Mona earned a Master’s Degree in teaching the elementary stage from The College of New Jersey as well as attending different workshops, such as Curriculum Building, Concept-Based Learning, and Making the PYP happen (through the IBO), Jolly Phonics, and Montessori classes.

She has taught in different schools in Egypt, national, International/American, and special needs schools.

Myles Mangan
Classroom Teacher

Myles finished her BA at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY in Education with an emphasis in Mathematics. From this experience, she worked with students in high-needs schools both one-on-one and in a classroom setting. Myles has been working in a teaching capacity for over 10 years as a tutor and as a classroom teacher. Myles moved to Egypt in 2012 and has been working as a classroom teacher from KG1 to grade 3 ever since.

Myles’ main hobbies are reading, traveling, saying she’s going to learn Arabic, and attempting to learn the ukulele.

Olen King
Classroom Teacher

Olen was raised in a small town in Nebraska and studied Secondary Education/Language Arts at Hastings College, NE. He has 10 years of international teaching experience, teaching ESL, Common Core, and IB systems. He has taught in the Republic of Georgia, Russia, Sudan, and Kyrgyzstan. 

His hobbies and interests help impact his lessons and teaching. This includes sports, health/nutrition, journalism, poetry, geography, and economics. He incorporates these interests into lessons/the classroom. Class philosophy is, ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Fail. To succeed, you need to try and be willing to learn from your mistakes.’ He will teach ELA for grades 9 and 10B. 

Rasha Abd El Magaly
Christian Religion Teacher

Graduated from Ain Shams University. faculty of low she has 10 years experience in teaching Christian Religion in National and international schools for primary. Preparatory and secondary. the elementary preparatory and secondary curriculum for religion was taught for 5 years studied for special cases. she took courses on how to deal with adolescence. Her hobbies are traveling, reading, cooking, swimming and listening to music,

Rasha Ahmed Reyad
French Teacher

Ms. Rasha holds a Bachelor’s degree BA from the faculty of Arts French department. She received her diploma in translation French-Arabic and vice versa from France. She had the Alliance Francaise since she was 17 years old. and worked as a Freelance translator, then changed my career to become a French teacher in 2015. And working in a British International school in Qatar for 4 years where she got several certificates in professional development in Teaching and learning.


Reham Gamal
Art HOD and teacher 

Born and raised in New York, Reham never imagined she would develop a special bond with Egypt’s culture and lifestyle. She has since made her home here and started her early career utilizing her Business Administration degree with a specialization in Graphic Design, entering the corporate universe as a graphic designer and consultant.
Realizing the corporate world wasn’t for her, she moved on to acquire a Professional Educator Diploma specializing in Early Years and began teaching English at EBIS. However, she desired to expand her career and set her sights on Metropolitan, beginning as a Support Specialist while completing her Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham.
Currently, Reham has moved on to become a teacher at Metropolitan and enjoys teaching in her root specialization: visual arts.

Rola Lotfi Shehata
Classroom Teacher

Rola recently earned her BS degree in Elementary Education from Towson University in Maryland. She has taught all subject areas in kindergarten, third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade during her rotations in the Elementary Education program. She has experience in different types of schools such as Title 1, Charter, and Traditional public schools. These experiences have given Rola the opportunity to work with students from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Sameh Emil
Music Teacher

Sameh finished his BA in Computer sciences at the Sadat Academy for management sciences, Egypt.

Following this he obtained an MA degree in cultural heritage management, and his thesis was about the Egyptian musical heritage at the University of Pantheon 1 Sorbonne. He also had many Piano performance certificates from the Trinity College of London.

 Has extensive experience in music teaching, vocal training, and instrument playing.

His main hobbies are traveling, excavating, and restoration. He also appreciates long walks in the forests and desert activities such as bird watching and star observing.

Samar Sayed
Math Teacher

Samar finished her BA in Engineering at the University of Helwan, Cairo.

Following finished the programs:

  • learning styles
  • Brain-based learning & Study Skills
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Active Learning
  • Teacher self-development
  • Circle time
  • Activity design

An enthusiastic and ambitious math teacher who has high aspirations and is keen to progress with her career. I was born and raised in Kuwait. My interest in math developed at an early age when I became obsessed with the statistics on the back of baseball and football cards. I have 15 years of experience teaching Math abroad in international schools. my motto is “it is about becoming a mathematical thinker, not a calculator”

Sara ElTigani
Science Teacher

Sara started her life in an international school outside Egypt. She then came back to Egypt and finished her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy followed by her Master’s degree in the same field.

Sara has 7 years of experience in international schools. She taught both Math and Science.

Sara enjoys teaching science and believes in that all students can learn when they are accepted for who and where they are in their educational journey.

Teaching must be diversified to accommodate students’ learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Her classes are designed to have various hands-on activities to cater to all types of learners.

Her main hobbies are cooking and reading.

Sara Gamal
French Teacher

Sara has always been interested in both the sciences and the humanities. She thus finished her Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and French Literature at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Later, she acquired a teaching certification from the “Institut de Touraine in France”, and then obtained a Master’s degree in French Language and Literature at the University of Toronto. She presented her thesis on the representation of brain functions in the world of fiction.

Sara has more than three years of teaching experience, teaching mathematics, science, and french in undergraduate and graduate settings. She has taught in many schools, at universities, and indifferent bilingual institutes in Canada.

Sara is an avid reader and enjoys outdoor activities. She also loves traveling and sightseeing.

Sara Green 
Math Teacher

Following receiving a degree from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom, Sara obtained a PGCE from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. She has experience teaching Math in international schools as she taught in American schools in Kuwait prior to moving to Egypt. Her main hobbies are cooking and reading.

Sarah Wagdy
Classroom Teacher

Sarah completed her BA at Breyer State University and completed a four-year training to earn her international teaching certificate with ADVANCED. She is currently working on her CDA (Child Development Credentials) in the U.S. She also has experience working with lower-ability children as well as working with children who struggle with reading and phonics. Sarah has extensive experience teaching from KG1 to grade 3 students, focusing on phonics, reading, social skills, writing, language, and grammar.

Her main hobbies are traveling, swimming, running, reading as well as hiking and camping.

Sherif Nabil
Math Teacher

Sherif graduated as a business graduate but decided to become a teacher, and completed the Professional Educator Diploma in Teaching Adolescent Learners at The American University in Cairo. He has worked as a teacher for seven years including one year as the head of the department. He has extensive experience of teaching students through to high school. His love of maths leads him to devise “The Maths Gym” program, which provides real-life examples by integrating mathematics into live sporting events as a stimulus.

Sherif is an expert at handball which he started while in elementary school and was a member of the Australian National Team for 2 years.

Shirley Muñoz
Classroom Teacher

Ms. Muñoz received her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of New Mexico and a Master of Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University. She has 12 years of teaching experience in both elementary and middle school.

She has taken many professional development classes and workshops as she continues to grow as an educator. This includes but is not limited to classroom management, writing and research-based teaching and learning, collaborative learning, building academic language and literacy, and technology in the classroom.

Her favorite things in this world are her children and family. She loves the outdoors, barbecues, and playing volleyball with her family and friends as well as swimming and shopping. Ms. Muñoz loves traveling and learning all she can about the world around her and seeing how she can make a difference for today and tomorrow’s generations.

Summer Galal
Drama Teacher

Summer finished her BA in Set and Costume Design for Theater at The Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo.

After graduation, she joined the prestigious “Sitara Theater” for children as the head of the workshops department for 8 years.

She is a singer in the Egyptian music band “Bahgaga” which creates humorous Arabic-language songs and contemporary monologues in a bid to develop the art of the monologue and generate unconventional musical ideas.

She has extensive experience as a director, writer, and performer in the world of entertainment for children, creating productions for both theater and TV.

Her main hobbies are traveling, dancing, making puppets, and watching

true-crime docuseries. She is deeply passionate about musical theater and would one day hope to open a musical theater school in Egypt.

Tahani Hassan Moustafa
Arabic/Islamic Religion Teacher & Arabic Head of Department

Tahani comes from 14 years of experience in different international schools in teaching the Arabic language and Islamic religion. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Education.

Tahani attended several training workshops related to human development in class management and organization. Tahani participated in writing different scripts for shows and plays along with the general organization of events done in Arabic. Tahany previously worked before as an editor at the Nile Culture Channel.

Her main hobbies are reading and traveling.

Vivijan Potevska
Music Teacher

Vivijan completed her Bachelor’s of Music in the Faculty of Music Education and Pedagogy in Skopje, Macedonia. Following this, she obtained a General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) from the University of Cambridge.

She is a dedicated teacher with a strong background and knowledge, utilizing music to positively impact the lives of students. She has been teaching music in international schools for nearly eighteen years in Macedonia, Nigeria, and Jordan.

Vivijan enjoys composing music, playing piano, and reading and is looking forward to exploring Egypt’s beautiful sights.

Wael Asfour
Arabic as a Foreign Language Teacher

Wael holds a Master’s degree in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) from the American University in Cairo (AUC). He has over three years of teaching experience.

Wael is keen on developing his teaching practices by presenting his research work at conferences. Among his research interests are sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, and instructional technology in language teaching. He follows the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach in which group work and interactive activities are emphasized.

In his free time, Wael enjoys reading and traveling.