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  • Arabic celebration week

    During the Arabic celebration last week, Students from kg1 up to Gr4 practiced a lot of amazing Arabic activities with their teachers. All students worked together to enhance their Arabic reading and writing skills.

  • Marker-printing with 3rd graders

    Marker-printing with 3rd graders Is a magical process!! During art class, 3rd graders have been learning all about color theory and positive and negative space. Students had an amazing time creating and designing their marker-printed Valentine’s Day cards for their loved ones.

  • Debate Exercise

    Students were organized into two teams and took part in a debate exercise. The students had previously researched their debate topics, careful to use organizational materials to present their arguments.  Their debate question of whether or not PE should be mandatory for middle and high school was presented wonderfully by

  • Chinese New Year

    Part of Met’s mission is to ensure that our students are equipped with both a passion for learning and the ambition to make a difference to the local and global communities, thus last week Metropolitan celebrated Chinese New Year to cultivate cultural awareness.Students got engaged in many different activities during

  • Metropolitan School a member of The Council of International Schools (CIS)

    Proudly, Metropolitan School is now a member of The Council of International Schools (CIS). This accolade connects our school to a worldwide network of 1,370 schools and universities in 123 countries and attests to Metropolitan’s commitment to the development of global citizenship through high-quality international education, promoting international and intercultural