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Metropolitan Preschool 2023-2024 Calendar – Makadi Heights Campus
St. Fatima Group began with offering KG to 12 schools and then extended their expertise into Higher Education Institutions and Pre-K Schools. St. Fatima Group has successfully graduated more than 138,000 students and has 20,000 students currently enrolled. There are more than 1700 professionals working at one of our ten campuses. Metropolitan
Pre-schools develop a vibrant community that recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion. Firmly grounded in our Egyptian culture, whilst embracing an international perspective, our values guide our behavior in building a successful community by learning through Purposeful Play, Ethics, and Manners, Pursuing Excellence, and Celebrating Diversity.
At Metropolitan Pre-School, we recognize that Pre-kindergarten students learn about the world through play. The objects Pre-kindergarten students find on a nature walk, like feathers, rocks and leaves, might help them figure out math concepts like “big, bigger, biggest” or motivate them to visit the book corner to find out more about birds. Teachers may introduce shapes, letters, and colors, but Pre-kindergarten is about learning more than what a circle looks like. It’s where students first develop a relationship with learning.
Based on our Play and Learn curriculum is designed to engage young learners’ natural curiosity and ignite within them an excitement for learning. Research has shown that all children learn cognitive, language, and social skills more quickly through movement and meaningful play. Metropolitan Pre-School’s Play and Learn curriculum
Integrates motor skill development with communication, socialization, and cognitive skill development. Employs a holistic model of instruction in which the child, environment, and functional tasks are integrated, not isolated, through organized play areas designed to meet a wide range of goals and objectives. Includes activities that are meaningful and relevant to young children and appropriate for all early childhood children. Recognizing that we learn about the world through our senses the classroom play areas in our Pre-kindergarten classroom at Metropolitan Pre-School offer students the opportunity to learn and develop through:
Basic senses: smell, sight, taste, and hearing Tactile (touch) Vestibular (movement) Proprioception (body position
Play areas in our Pre-kindergarten classroom include:
Manipulatives that development spatial relations and manipulative hand skills, such as bead stringing, puzzles, and adapted pegboards. Gym activities that promote the development of gross motor skills and enhance the development of vestibular and proprioception, such as climbing, jumping, running, and sliding.
Pre-writing on a vertical surface to teach a more precise finger grasp with small pom-poms when erasing, such as on large, vertical whiteboards.
Cooperative Sensorimotor Activities to develop skills with colors, numbers, and spatial concepts. Games, with the goal of facilitating turn-taking, social interaction, and reinforcing learning readiness skills.

Metropolitan Pre-School is accepting applications for Pre-K for 2023-24.

All applications made to Metropolitan Pre-School will be considered on an individual basis. Final acceptance will only be finalized upon receipt of all relevant paperwork together with the payment of the registration fee by the due date.
To apply, please complete the below application form and send it along with the required documents to
Once all documents have been received, students that meet the admissions criteria will be invited to the Preschool, with their parents, for an assessment and parent interview. On the assessment day, the children will be assessed to understand their capabilities. For Pre-K, it will take the form of a one-on-one assessment.
Families will be notified of the result of the assessment within 14 calendar days. If your child is offered a place, a one-time non-refundable installment fee must be paid within 7 days to secure the student’s place.
If you have any questions regarding the admissions process please contact the Admissions Team at: or call 16489 Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.
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