MetBiz at Metropolitan School

As Metropolitan School’s vision is to inspire a generation of Engaged thinkers, Ethical citizens, and Global entrepreneurs, we do believe that tomorrow’s jobs and economy are going to be created by the leaders and entrepreneurs that we develop today.


MetBiz Curriculum

Our MetBiz program provides age-appropriate, project-based, curricula based on those developed by Junior Achievement  (JA) that promote work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship skills for all of our students. By teaching these skills, children will become 21st Century thinkers. The JA curriculum gives students the opportunity to:

-Learn the basic business vocabulary

-Categorize needs and wants

-Analyze their own skills to find ways they can support their families and their communities

-Identify the goods and services provided by local businesses

-Identify the variety of careers within in a community and how each job requires specific skills

-Describe the flow of money in a community’s economy

-Describe how financial institutions help businesses and people achieve their economic goals

-Understand the impact of global competition on business needs for employees and materials

-Build on their understanding of money basics and apply that understanding to their daily lives

-Recognize the significance of money management in making informed life-decisions


MoreBiz Co-Curricular Program

At Metropolitan School we are committed to providing our students with as many opportunities as possible to participate in after-school activities that will reinforce lessons from the classroom. Through our MoreBiz initiative, we will give students a structured way in which they can practice the concepts of leadership, problem-solving, financial responsibility, and teamwork.

Our MoreBiz after-school program centers around the Met Company program.

Our Met Company program challenges our students, giving them the opportunity to take risks while giving them a safe space to develop their talents, learn by trying innovative ideas, and make critical connections to their futures.

Through the Met Company program our students are able to:

-Work in groups and develop teamwork skills

-Apply for jobs (Chief Executive Officer and Vice Presidents of the company they create)

-Identify problems within their local community

-Develop solutions to problems

-Determine their company’s identity and create a business plan

-Create products and perform services which are beneficial to their community

-Keep track of finances (cash in, cash out) and pay expenses

-Create a marketing campaign, including a unique logo, slogan, and advertising

-Sell their products to customers in order to create revenue

-Determine whether or not their company was profitable

-Reflect on the process and think about how decisions affected the company

MetBiz and Parents

The success of our students in acquiring the entrepreneurial spirit hinges on the reinforcement of values and business knowledge wherever the student might be. We encourage parents to get involved in our MetBiz and MoreBiz programs and share their unique entrepreneurial experiences and knowledge with everyone at Met. It is through this sharing of knowledge that the scope of what the students believe to be possible will truly broaden.

Job week 2

During “Job Week” Ms. Yasmina Saba, an entrepreneur who started her own event planning business, demonstrated how she creates beautiful balloon stands at her company.

She also discussed with the students the many other aspects that are involved with running a business.

Every child can be involved in entrepreneurship when he or she grows up, and we can help to inspire every child to have an entrepreneurial spirit: to lead confidently, think critically and creatively, be financially responsible, and understand the value of teamwork.

We are very excited to be the pioneers, within Egypt, in fostering this entrepreneurial spirit in our students.

With the support of everyone in the Metropolitan School community, we will be successful in graduating the next generation of engaged thinkers, ethical citizens, and global entrepreneurs.


MetBiz Students

In an ever-changing and demanding world, Metropolitan aspires to enable its students to take initiatives and lead the change they want to see through entrepreneurship. Our students never cease to amaze us. From managing on-campus and online learning during a pandemic to handling their small online businesses! Support their ventures by purchasing their products or following and sharing their online business.

Check our extraordinary students business accounts for a great example of a future leader and entrepreneur: