Built on a 21,000 square meter plot in New Cairo, Metropolitan School is creatively designed to engage your child’s curiosity while encouraging a love of learning.  Designed by the architectural firm ECG, the building incorporates the latest philosophy in building design and technology.  All classrooms have been fitted with cooled fresh air diffusers to reduce the transmission of disease. Our focus on health in the building extends to the flooring and furniture, which are made using anti-bacterial materials.

The safety of your child is something we take very seriously. Fireproofed cables, conduits, and wall sealing constructed to contain a fire for two hours are installed throughout the building. Together, with an extensive smoke detection system and our evacuation policy, all is in place to protect your child in the unlikely event of an incident.

Metropolitan School is WIFI enabled throughout the campus and each classroom is equipped with a smartboard.

Our PreK and Kindergarten building is designed with interactive spaces inside, as well as outside playing areas. This was an intentional design plan to encourage students to learn through play. This space provides an environment for young children to learn to take appropriate risks, practice cooperation, learn teamwork, and further develop their fine and gross motor skills, all done while playing in this purpose-built space.

Spacious classrooms have a reading corner designed to foster a love of books. Children are encouraged to spend time there each day.

Special Rooms for pretend play, art, cooking, and music are designed to encourage young children to widen their interests and develop new talents.


Stocked with hundreds of books, our School Library is a contemporary space designed to engage your child and encourage hands-on learning.

According to the American Common Core Handbook, research has shown that “students in schools with good school libraries learn more, get better grades, and score higher on standardized tests than their peers in schools without libraries.” (Model School Library Standards for California Public Schools, vi)

Metropolitan’s School Library is currently growing and expanding to meet the needs of our growing school population. Already stocked with a sizable collection of books, our Library is a welcoming space designed to engage your child and encourage hands-on learning. Along with the Library resources and a Guided Reading Program, there is room to accommodate classes for circle time, center work, and literacy-based activities. Students from pre-kindergarten and up have scheduled visits to the Library where they receive standards-based lessons on themes such as book care, and research, and are exposed to different types of literature.

Students are able to select and take home books during their scheduled class time as well as during Open Library Hours. Not only is this an exercise in exploration and independence, but the students also have a chance to practice responsible use and care of all learning resources. When Library classes are not in session, the room is a calm place for staff and students to relax and delve into their favorite literature.


Healthy Food Environment

Metropolitan School promotes a healthy food environment.  Our selectively chosen menus provided from ‘Jared’s Bagels and ‘Lite Bite’, are healthy and designed to nurture your children with the energy required to help them get through the day. Our chosen menus consist of packed meals and healthy snacks and are sold through the outdoor canteen kiosks.

Cash-Free Environment

In partnership with ‘Spare’, Metropolitan School is happy to announce the shift to cash-free food services by introducing a new smart wristband technology. The smart wristband technology connects to a mobile application where guardians are able to recharge their child’s balance, set a limit for their spending, and set up allergens if they have any.

This is the only way to purchase food during lunchtime at Met, for students in Grades 1-12. Each student enrolled at Met is issued ONCE with a customized wristband linked to their Student ID number which is available to purchase for the first time only through the accounting office.

Wristbands will be used each academic year during your child’s enrollment at Met. In the case of loss or damage, parents will be requested to purchase a replacement wristband. Please add a pin number to your family’s account for your child(ren) to use with each transaction and protect your balance in case of loss.

You are advised to deactivate and unpair an active wristband immediately in case of loss through the application settings to protect your account. You will be able to reconnect your replacement wristband through the application once the replacement band has been purchased.

Any remaining balance on your child’s account will remain in the application wallet and transition each school year. We advise securing your child’s account by setting a pin code to secure your balance at all times.

Metropolitan School does not accept liability for the loss of any wristbands on school property due to theft, fire, water damage, or for any other reason.

Please note that the school is not responsible to deliver any wristbands to students in their classrooms.  Please send your child to school ready with their charged wristbands from home, should you wish to use the school’s cafeteria services.

Hot Meals

Students in EC are entitled to subscribe to Weekly or Monthly Hot Meals as optional food services. These meals consist of a main dish, salad, and dessert prepared with healthy ingredients.

Hot Meal Subscription Payment: is done only through a Spare Application from ‘Lite Bite’.  Students are expected to finish their meals during lunch break. Any remaining food will be discarded for HYGIENE purposes after lunchtime.

Our Food Services are optional. You may send your child with a lunch and a snack from home, ensuring the following are not included in the lunch bags: Fizzy drinks, Red Bull, packaged chips, chocolate, candy, pop tarts, or any other snack that the school deems unhealthy. Students who bring unhealthy snacks to school may have them confiscated.

Jared’s Bagels Menu 23-24

Lite Bite Menu 23-24 Grade 1-12

Lite Bite Menu 23-24 KG

Healthy Snacks Examples:

Fresh fruit/Vegetables, cheese, trail mix, pretzels, plain yogurt, popcorn, whole grain cereal, and crackers.


The health and well-being of every child in our school are of paramount importance. We have a clinic managed by a full-time qualified doctor who works actively with parents and teachers to understand and meet the medical needs of our students. In addition to the daily care given, multiple health awareness campaigns for parents, students, and staff are conducted throughout the year. Some of these have included a healthy food campaign, pneumonia awareness, anemia awareness camp, and First Aid sessions.


Studies show that physical activity contributes to improved academic performance. Regular activity during the school day is strongly associated with higher concentration levels as well as more directed, composed behavior. A key component of our Physical Education program is developing the student holistically, so they can become outstanding athletes and sportsmen/women who take both winning and losing gracefully. The focus for early-year students is to ensure they have a positive outlook on physical activity and sport, to give them the best possible foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity. For the elementary-age students, the program goals are to make sure the students’ perceptions of physical activity remain the same while at the same time, developing and learning new skills which are focused more on individual sports, endurance, and strength-building activities. Our state-of-the-art facilities include two heated indoor pools; one learner size, the other competition size, and a specialist gym.  There are smaller elementary soccer pitches and multi-purpose courts designed to suit the needs of our younger students. As the school expands, we will continue to add further facilities including a full-size soccer pitch and a specialist gym for Middle and High school students.