Helen Somerville – Middle and High School Principal

Helen has worked in education for over 20 years at both the Middle and High School level. Graduating from Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand with a joint degree in English Literature and Linguistics, Helen soon moved internationally living and working in both the UK and Italy, while traveling extensively through Europe. She came to Egypt in 2000 and has worked in Port Said American School, Misr Language School, and El Alsson American International School as a Middle and High School English and Social Studies teacher as well as a Department Chair. While in El Alsson, Helen completed her M.Ed in Educational Administration and moved into administration as the High School Assistant Principal. When El Alsson moved the campus to New Giza, Helen changed roles, taking over as the Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning. She has extensive experience in curriculum development, teacher professional development, and providing both academic and career guidance for High School. She has a passion for teaching and believes in providing learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Helen enjoys traveling, studying history and global studies, and spending time with her family.

Helen Somerville