Hedi Tawfik-Maldonado– Chief Operations Officer/Deputy Director

With a degree in Political Science and Business Administration, Hedi’s strategic planning skills come naturally.
She has vast, hands-on experience of 22+ years in the field of Education, and is one of the leading forces and regional experts in planning and executing all schools’ operational, strategic and academic functions, with the aim of guiding school boards to successful data driven decisions and outcomes.

Launching and managing international educational franchises and ensuring successful integration in the local market is Hedi’s strength.

In her previous role as Business Development Manager at GEMS Education Solutions in North Africa, Hedi co-launched a few successful international
schools/brands (Windrose Academy-Cairo, GEMS Academy of Alexandria, and our very own Metropolitan School).
Currently the Deputy Director and Chief Operations Officer of Metropolitan School, starting with the initial business development phase to overseeing the school’s operations.
Maldonado has launched Met Pre-School, Makadi Heights Campus, In partnership with ‘Metropolitan Schools brand’ chairman of the board, and Orascom Developments.

Hedi’s side gig is in the F&B business, where she co-owns and co-manages tabla LUNA
Latin American Cuisine restaurant.
Planning and managing catering menus, events, and hosts pop-up dinners, and managing the branding, look and feel of her restaurant is her other passion.