Andrew has been a committed professional in international education for 20+ years.  He has worked on a few continents and is delighted to be joining the team  The Metropolitan School, where he aims to share his experience, in creating a forward thinking learning environment for the students.   He believes that if students can “learn how to learn, unlearn and relearn”, embrace an international mindset and develop engaged thinking skills, they have the potential to achieve their dreams.

Andrew is from vibrant Toronto, Canada and he speaks English (native language), French, Spanish and some Portuguese.  He completed his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership in the USA and from Canada, he holds his Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts.  His sights are set on pursuing Doctoral studies in education at some point in the future.

Mr. Frezludeen has worked in several countries:  Colombia, Canada, Qatar, Brazil and China.  Highlighting his breadth of experience, in his most recent post, he served as the Headmaster of a high achieving K-12 school in China where graduates excelled in their AP (Advanced Placement) studies and were admitted to top universities.  He was the Founding Director of a brand new school in Colombia, has been part of a new school in Qatar and has served in past schools as a Principal, Vice-Principal and IB Coordinator.  Mr. Frezludeen was a teacher for many years before transitioning to administrative roles and has worked with a variety of different programs and curriculums.  He really enjoys working with people with different cultural backgrounds and from different countries.

As he embodies an international mindset, Andrew has had the privilege to have travelled to 60+ countries during his lifetime.  These rich experiences have allowed him to experience different cultural contexts and experience much of the world. He is extremely excited being in Egypt where he plans to learn more about this important region of the world.  He loves to travel, read about international topics, play basketball and other sports, hiking, jogging and strives to stay in shape by going to the gym.

His motto:  Stay Positive, Focused, Inspired and Healthy!