• How can I apply online?

A soft copy is available on the website https://metropolitanschool.edu.eg/en/admissions/how-to-apply-2/). You can either apply online or download the application’s soft copy and send it with the required documents listed on the website, via email to the admissions office on admissions@metropolitanschool.edu.eg.

  • Can anyone replace me to start the admission process?

Anyone can submit the application and the required documents however the legal guardian needs to be present in person for the parent’s interview.

  • Is Admissions open? What is the deadline?

Admissions is open for the Academic Year 2023/2024 and will be closed once the classes are full capacity.

  • Who are Metropolitan Homeroom Teachers?

Our homeroom teachers are certified English native speakers.

  • Do you teach a second language in school?

Our second languages are French, Spanish and Arabic. We offer Arabic from Pre-K and French from KG1.

  • What is the required age for admissions?

For the next Academic Year 2023-2024 we accept from 3.6 years old in October 2023 for KG1 and 3 years old for Pre-K.

  • When should I be contacted for Assessment?

After submitting the application and the mandatory required documents, you will be contacted by our Admissions office and told whether your application has been accepted or declined. If the application is accepted, our Admissions team will call you to set an appointment for the parent’s interview and the child’s assessment.

  • Does your school offer a British or American Curriculum?

Metropolitan school is delivering an outstanding international education following a standard-based American curriculum.

  • Is the school accredited?

Metropolitan school has now met the criteria for educational quality assurance, established by the Cognia accreditation organization (previously known as AdvancED)

  • Do you offer the International Baccalaureate (IB)?

Our school will engage in dialogue to decide if we will offer the IB or AP (Advanced Placement from the College Board in the USA); it is possible that we will offer one program or the other or potentially both.  This decision will require careful study and planning when we grow into our high school years.

  • Do you offer any other languages other than French and Arabic?

 Yes, we offer Spanish.