Metropolitan School offers a unique educational experience with a range of distinctive features:

  • Entrepreneurship Program starting KG2.
  • Egyptian values.
  • 70 years of educational experience (Part of St. Fatima Group).
  • Native experienced English-speaking teachers.
  • GPS-tracked buses for parents.
  • Accredited by Cognia.
  • Member of the Council of International Schools.
  • First official ACT testing center in Egypt.
  • 8 different sports courts.
  • We offer French, German and Spanish languages. 
  • After-school care.
  • After-school activities.
  • Advanced Placement courses.
  • High scores exceeding the international average in MAP Testing.

This blend of values, experience, and resources ensures a well-rounded education and a nurturing environment for students to excel and grow.

We aim to deliver a truly outstanding international education, where your child will thrive both personally and academically.

How will we achieve this?

High Academic Standards

We will rigorously follow the American curriculum, applying the same standards as in the USA.  Our low numbers of students per class encourage interaction between the teacher and your child, assisting in their development as they learn to solve problems and take on board new information.

Egyptian Values

We firmly anchor Egyptian values at the core of our school life, an ethos that shapes the educational journey of our students. It is our mission to not only expand their intellectual horizons but also to instill in them an enduring love for learning and a resolute drive to effect positive change within both local and global communities.

We are committed to providing every student with the opportunity to engage in meaningful community service projects, thereby enriching their educational experience and fostering a profound impact on the lives of those less fortunate. Through these initiatives, we empower our students to become compassionate, responsible, and proactive members of society.


We are committed to shaping engaged thinkers, ethical citizens, and global entrepreneurs through a rigorous American curriculum. Our expert team of native English-speaking homeroom teachers ensures robust language acquisition and development from the earliest stages of education.

Community Service

All students will have the opportunity to become involved in community service projects, helping people who are less fortunate than themselves. Using the foundations of the Prosperity Index our students will work in teams to achieve specific goals, engaging with the local and global communities.

  • The first school in Egypt to be an official ACT testing center.
  • The first school in Egypt to incorporate an entrepreneurship program for students aligned with the Common Core Standards, starting KG2.
  • Met’s students enjoy learning French, English, and Arabic starting KG1.
  • Qualified and experienced native English speaker teachers.
  • Metropolitan School has a tailor-made character-building curriculum embedded in the students’ daily routine and schedule.

Parent’s Testimonials 

Very qualified Staff

Certified teachers from the MOE

Board of Trustee has over 60 years of experience in Private Education.

Open Door Policy

Metropolitan school is Cozy / friendly School

Metropolitan standards same as the USA

Character Pillars education

Only school offering free CCA “Co-Curriculum Activity after school”   (numerous activities & new languages)

Academic Leadership listen to staff members, new ideas added frequently

Teaching 3rd language starting KG1

Implementing Curriculum in a very interesting & professional way

Academic Leadership team are certified with principalship / Masters in Education