Healthy Food Environment

Metropolitan School promotes a healthy food environment.  Our selectively chosen menus provided from ‘Jared’s Bagels and ‘Lite Bite’, are healthy and designed to nurture your children with the energy required to help them get through the day. Our chosen menus consist of packed meals and healthy snacks and are sold through the outdoor canteen kiosks.

Cash-Free Environment

In partnership with ‘Spare’, Metropolitan School is happy to announce the shift to cash-free food services by introducing a new smart wristband technology. The smart wristband technology connects to a mobile application where guardians are able to recharge their child’s balance, set a limit for their spending, and set up allergens if they have any.

This is the only way to purchase food during lunchtime at Met, for students in Grades 1-12. Each student enrolled at Met is issued ONCE with a customized wristband linked to their Student ID number which is available to purchase for the first time only through the accounting office.

Wristbands will be used each academic year during your child’s enrollment at Met. In the case of loss or damage, parents will be requested to purchase a replacement wristband. Please add a pin number to your family’s account for your child(ren) to use with each transaction and protect your balance in case of loss.

You are advised to deactivate and unpair an active wristband immediately in case of loss through the application settings to protect your account. You will be able to reconnect your replacement wristband through the application once the replacement band has been purchased.

Any remaining balance on your child’s account will remain in the application wallet and transition each school year. We advise securing your child’s account by setting a pin code to secure your balance at all times.

Metropolitan School does not accept liability for the loss of any wristbands on school property due to theft, fire, water damage, or for any other reason.

Please note that the school is not responsible to deliver any wristbands to students in their classrooms.  Please send your child to school ready with their charged wristbands from home, should you wish to use the school’s cafeteria services.

Hot Meals

Students in EC are entitled to subscribe to Weekly or Monthly Hot Meals as optional food services. These meals consist of a main dish, salad, and dessert prepared with healthy ingredients.

Hot Meal Subscription Payment: is done only through a Spare Application fromLite Bite’.  Students are expected to finish their meals during lunch break. Any remaining food will be discarded for HYGIENE purposes after lunchtime.

Our Food Services are optional. You may send your child with a lunch and a snack from home, ensuring the following are not included in the lunch bags: Fizzy drinks, Red Bull, packaged chips, chocolate, candy, pop tarts, or any other snack that the school deems unhealthy. Students who bring unhealthy snacks to school may have them confiscated.

Healthy Snacks Examples:

Fresh fruit/Vegetables, cheese, trail mix, pretzels, plain yogurt, popcorn, whole grain cereal, and crackers.

Jared’s Bagels Menu 23.24

Lite Bite Menu 23.24

Healthy Snacks Examples:

Fresh fruit/Vegetables, cheese, trail mix, pretzels, plain yogurt, popcorn, whole grain cereal, and crackers.