Metropolitan school use Microsoft Teams for all students, in addition to newsletters and Rediker.

Kindly find a brief about Microsoft Team attached below,
Microsoft Teams brief

Here are some things to expect/know:

Core subjects are:

  • English Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • French Arabic

Non-Core subjects are:

  • Met Values
  • Art
  • Music
  • PE
  • ICT

–  All-Met Parents will receive grade-level newsletters via the portal, including core subjects and non-core subjects.

– Teachers will track participation of all work assigned and the quantity of participation will be factored into participation grades in the future.

– Assignments are meant to enhance learning so please ensure that your child is doing the work.

– Parents are asked to send completed work in the form specified (i.e. videos, written assignments, projects,) upon its completion.

– If any parent is experiencing difficulty in accessing the internet consistently, please let the teacher(s) know.

Online resources

Kindly find the attached below for the contact list,

Met Communication

Workbooks and books that are here at school, unless they can also be accessed online, will not be part of what the teachers will assign.

Teachers will assign work via videos, attachments, documents, and apps, through Microsoft Teams, and through Rediker for Pre-K to KG2.

Core teachers will subsequently be sending e-mails to students to access the work already communicated via the newsletters.

All Microsoft Team access and login details will be shared in a separate email via the portal

Parents will receive the Microsoft Team login information in the form of an email account and password, via the portal from your child’s homeroom teacher.  Please contact your core subject teachers directly if you are unable to log in to your child’s MS Teams account.

Metropolitan schools continue to communicate and we are excited to see all the great teaching and learning that will be taking place online during the E-learning process.

Please stay healthy, wear a mask, keep away from malls and public places, and make sure students stay on task and do the work their teachers assign.

Quarantine Procedures-Staff and Students 16 Jan -22

Yours sincerely,
Met Academic Team