Lower School Supplies (Pre-K to Grade2):

For all students, school supplies must be brought to school on the first day of class. We will not be able to accept any supplies that are brought to school on orientation day or earlier. Also, supplies must be divided into separate bags per subject area and clearly labeled with the subject, child’s name, and class. We will not accept any supplies if they are delivered to school combined together in one large bag. Supplies must be separated by subject as outlined above.

For EC Homeroom classes (Pre-K to KG2), all supplies will be pooled together and shared equally in the class as needed. For Grades 1 and 2 Homeroom classes, each child will have his/her own individual supplies, which can be brought in a school supply box and stored in the student’s desk or cubby in the classroom.

Please note that KG2, Grade 1, and Grade 2 have divided their supply lists by quarter so that supplies can be replenished each quarter.

Elementary and Upper School Supplies (Grade 3 to Grade 9):

The Metropolitan Academic Leadership Team is instituting a new procedure for school supplies. General supplies are to be brought on the first day of school and each subsequent day for the rest of the school year. No supplies will be accepted during orientation. To ensure that all students have the correct and proper supplies they need to accompany their learning each day, Grade 3-9 students are asked to have the mentioned general supplies on the list in their pencil cases/backpacks every day they come to school for the entire year.