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Second Yearly Education Industry “Investment Summit”.

During the second yearly Education industry “Investment Summit”, Metropolitan School’s CEO, Mr. Seif Sameh, expressed his strong belief that the event could be a transformative moment for private education in Egypt. He highlighted the attendees’ capabilities in developing the private education sector, including their academic expertise and financial resources.

Mr. Seif emphasized the importance of private education for the nation, as it plays a vital role in fostering international connections and aligning with global institutions. He stressed the need for government support to ensure the continued growth and success of private education in the country.

According to Mr. Seif, part of the educational development process involves the Ministry of Education evaluating schools and granting privileges to exceptional institutions. This approach serves as an incentive for effective management, while also establishing service expectations for parents. Mr. Seif also emphasized the importance of market-driven fee pricing and the freedom for parents to choose based on evaluation.

Furthermore, Mr. Seif emphasized the significance of teacher training and equipping educators with modern and future-oriented curricula that align with the state’s 2030 plan. He highlighted that educational institutions should be viewed as more than just physical structures; they are driven by the teachers within them.

Mr. Seif concluded by stating that compromising on the quality of education would ultimately compromise the quality of the future workforce across all sectors of the country. His remarks underscored the commitment of Metropolitan School and its leadership to ensuring excellence in education.

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